Here is an example of what the digital menu looks like. From this menu you can view, share, and download your videos. Depending on what edits you get, there will be a tab titled “Scene Selection” which will include full Ceremony, Toast, Dances, etc. and then of course the highlights and any additional edits you may have.

Please keep in mind that the Pre-ceremony film length and content depends on how much is going on before the ceremony, if there is a first look, gift exchange, first look with dad, things like this will make for a longer pre-ceremony film usually around 10-15 min. If there isn’t much going on before the ceremony, I have edited some shorter ones around 5 min, so just keep this in mind. Below I have added 3 pre-ceremony videos, some on the longer side and some shorter to give you an idea so feel free to skip through them all.

For the “extended edit” this is something new I offer so I dont have any examples but basically it is a highlight video, but longer, fitting in the moments/shots that can’t fit in a shorter highlights. I can make this as long as you want, 10 min, 20 min, 30 min, etc.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Side Note: The highlights example below was filmed on our new cameras that we just purchased (all 4k quality) but the pre ceremony examples you will see are with our older cameras (1080p quality)