2019 Wedding Film Guide

This guide will give you a clear idea of how we go about shooting and editing your full feature and/or highlight film.


Whether you are planning an intimate backyard wedding close to home or an extravagant destination wedding, we strive to capture all the details and memorable moments of your day. It is our passion to capture your uniqueness on film and artfully combine it with the music you love to create something far from the ordinary wedding "video".  Being unobtrusive is very important to us, we work with couples to express their style and personality, focusing on the little details that happen throughout the day.                      Our experience, combined with our attention to detail and creative shooting/editing style, will guarantee a wedding film that will make you laugh, cry, and relive those unforgettable moments. 

See what we edit, as we edit.

Sometimes the editing process can be lengthy, we will send our couples a link that will allow them to view, share, or download their wedding films as we edit.

  • View, Once clicking the link, you can browse through your menu and click play on any videos available.

  • Share, by clicking the top right icon "share" you can copy and paste the URL code to share with friends, or share directly to social media.

  • Download, by clicking the top right icon "get media" it will allow you to download the individual movie files to your computer.


The difference between a highlight film and a full length film

highlight film explained... with examples!

This is the video that everyone sees, and can be added to any package. Example highlight films are posted below. Highlights are great for sharing online with friends and family, without having to show them your entire full feature film. 

  • Music, We love for you to be able to pick your own music for the full feature film since it's private, however, since highlights are shared publicly and with copy right laws getting more strict, we do have to license music for these films. The licensing prices are always included in your package price. Sometimes we can use snippets of main stream songs or mix in with covers, remixes, etc.

  • Style, If you like a more cinematic, story telling style, we love to get lots of sound bites from as many different people as possible. (parents, best man, and of course the bride and groom) Examples would be reading your cards, sharing how you two met, ect. These sound bites are laid over the music & footage to help set the mood, and tell the story with more emotion. Some people really love this style, and some people hate it! So please let us know your input on what style you prefer. (We personally love this style!

  • Example below



Full Feature Film

What is included? How much is covered? How is it edited and delivered?

pre-ceremony FILM:

Capturing all of the excitement and preparation leading up to the ceremony.

Arrival - Arrival details will depend on the package you choose but typically upon our arrival, one of our team members will set up detail shots, dresses, shoes, invitations, ect. Typically we will have one person with the girls and one with the guys, capturing make-up, getting ready, gift/card exchange, ect.

How it's edited - As seen in the examples below, the Pre-Ceremony edit is a mix between documentary and cinematic style. It is a specially edited sequence that will include creative establishing and getting ready shots, with any raw moments that are captured between both the girls and guys getting ready.

Pre-Ceremony Examples -

ceremony EDIT

How much do we capture? We begin recording soon as guest are sat, and we don’t stop recording until the bride and groom have made their exit. We will be capturing the ENTIRE ceremony in 1080p HD. An additional locked down camera will be set up in the back, to use as a third angle. In editing, we cut to this third angle to eliminate seeing any camera shakes or movement from the other cameras.

Audio- You can never have enough back ups for audio. Other than the microphones on each camera, we will place a small lapel mic on the groom and/or efcient. Don't worry, this is for the ceremony only and If possible, we will plug in an additional recorder in the sound board, if  DJ or band allows .

Ceremony Examples: Coming Shortly

post ceremony FILM

Coverage- It is very important for us to capture every little detail, especially the things that the bride and groom often miss, such as the reception room set up before the guest enter, or just cocktail hour in general. We will have one cameraman shooting the photo shoot, and another shooting cocktail hour, venue, along with details.  

Edit- As shown in the examples below, the post ceremony sequence is basically an edited music video, combining both the photo shoot along with cocktail hour.

Post Ceremony Examples: Coming shortly

reception EDIT

What's covered? – All main events throughout the reception will be recorded in their entirety. The first dances, toast, cake cutting, and any other special moments that take place will all be artfully captured and edited in the full length film.

Dancing- If there is a dance off or if everyone is getting down on the dance floor we will certainly capture the entire song, however, not every song of the night is recorded entirely. Dancing will be shot and edited at our discretion being that each wedding is different. 


Reception Examples: Coming Shortly


Don't see a package with what you're looking for? Let us know and we will create a custom package that better suits your needs....    and budget!


• 2 videographers arriving 4 hours prior to ceremony and staying until exit. (11:00pm)

• Full Feature Film (see Full Feature tab above for details)
• Highlight Film (see Highlight tab above for details)
• Bride and Groom prep coverage                                                                                      • Drone Footage (depending on weather & regulations)
• Digital Upload (an online blu-ray with scene selections for easy sharing)


• 2 videographers arriving 3 hours prior to ceremony and staying until 10pm. (11:00pm)                                                         • Full Feature Film OR Highlights Film • Bride and Groom prep coverage
• Digital Upload (an online blu-ray with scene selections for easy sharing)                      



+800 for add on option

• 1 videographer arriving 2 hours prior to ceremony and staying until exit. (11:00pm)       • General editing of the day, no specially edited music sequences included                         • 2 HD cameras (one camera will be locked down for 2nd angle)
• Bride and Groom prep coverage (if getting ready at ceremony/reception location)     

  • This will add a second videographer for 8 hours

  • will also include Pre-Ceremony and Post Ceremony specially edited music seqeucnes.

Don't see a package with what you're looking for? Let us know and we will create a custom package that better suits your needs....    and budget!